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  • Newsletter #8: 6/22/2018
    • [Love] Prem Narula – lessons from a life well lived.
    • [Artificial Intelligence] How do you give AI some human-like memory? (link)
    • [Artificial Intelligence] Deeper details on understanding AI with human-like memory
    • [Picture]The picture in this newsletter are of Icelandic horses. They are all over Iceland.
    • [Addiction] You spend 4 hours every day on smartphones and it is taking away more than your time. This one isn’t mine but I loved it.
  • Newsletter #7: 6/8/2018
  • Newsletter #6: 5/23/2018
    • [Travel] Day 1 in Santorini Fira, Day 2 in Santorini — Walk to Three Bells of Fira
    • [Productivity] An article that recommends you to split your day into a makers and a managers schedule
  • Newsletter #5: 5/6/2018
  • Newsletter #4: 4/28/2018
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      1. [Productivity] Decisions that are hard are because you don’t quite know how to measure them. I put together a framework for making hard decisions a bit easier.
      2. [Work] Are you a superhero at work. Don’t be! Here is why a super hero nukes a team.
      3. [Artificial Intelligence] A 5 minute read to understand how speech recognition is done.
      4. [Eye and Ear Candy] Well Avengers Infinity War is out. Need I say more?
      5. [Productivity] Un-commit yourself — a brilliant article by Benjamin Hardy.
      6. [Inspiration] A rocket scientist quotes Rumi and asks you to leap into the unknown.
      7. [Picture] Processed a few more of my Iceland pictures and these swans were in downtown Reykjavik.
      8. [Meditation] Re-energise yourself with the lotus heart meditation.
  • Newsletter #3: 4/18/2018 Link
    • [Leadership|Startup] My article on 4 key principles to become a good leader .
    • [Life] Enjoy Tony Farhkry’s article about trusting the journey life is taking one on.
    • [Work Life Balance]  Are you a workaholic?
    • [Eye Candy]  Maui no words necessary!
    • [Ear Candy]  Maui sound necessary!
    • [Inspiration|Leadership] Simon Sinek’s “Start with the why” is seminal work – Ted talk and my book notes here
    • [Health] Stu runs 1000+ miles without carbs. Read the exec summary from my book notes.
    • [Picture] A billion caret diamond in Vatnajokull glacier in Iceland – one of mine :-).
    • [Meditation] How to effortlessly move into meditation or fall asleep 😉
  • Newsletter #2: 4/12/2018 Link
    • [Productivity] How not to screw yourself before a big decision
    • [Meditation] Calming an agitated mind
    • [Writing] Ode to a warrior – inspired by Sanskrit lyrics from a movie
    • more…
  • Newsletter #1: 4/3/2018 – Link
    • [Productivity] Don’t be a super hero at work
    • [Meditation] Beginner’s guide to meditation
    • [Artificial Intelligence] How do they detect faces in picture
    • more…