More calendars to simplify life

An unintended consequence of scheduling tasks on my calendar was that my calendar turned blue (the color of my calendar) – almost every hour of my day was blocked because I had scheduled a result in which included break time.

There was an additional cognitive load of determining what drops off when a new task comes in. It was hard to separate actual work meetings, personal work items, recurring tasks like “end of day wrap up”.

Not to mention that this should have been unfortunate for my colleague who now sees my entire calendar is blue.

I experimented with running a personal calendar on google calendar and separate from my work calendar. This was inefficient because I had to shift between two logins.

The solution was to simple create additional calendars on my work calendar, give them different colors. It was extremely easy to visually separate them – I can toggle them on and off to see which blocks are tradeable. My work colleague only sees my regular calendar and isn’t exposed to personal or recurring tasks that I don’t want to share.

I created 4 calendars

    • Harpreet – Meetings (blue) – track meetings with folks – shared with others
    • Harpreet- Recurring Work (magenta) – to track daily/weekly recurring work without messing up my meetings calendar
    • Harpreet – Work blocks (red) – block time for working. The picture below is from next week and I haven’t slotted the times yet.
    • Harpreet – personal (green) – block time for personal project


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