Tasks in calendar to get them done

I have always struggled with my calendar. It’s a monster that I have wrestled and lost.

The challenge was always too many meetings – not enough time. At my last job, I had an admin who managed my calendar but I still drowned in meetings.

I always thought that I will steal some minutes in the day to go do these tasks. You know that meeting from your CEO, your team member – you got to take it! If I didn’t get it done, I will throw a weekend to catch up and catch up I did.

To hell with work life balance!

The real issue is that things just don’t get done with a full calendar and you miss out on  the “Aha” of satisfaction at the end of the day. No job well done for you – back to work peasant!

To that point, I recently had an epiphany that my task list was not married to my calendar. Thus, I needed to go fix that egregious habit and actually schedule the results I want into my calendar. I believe it is a best practice!

I now pick the top 3 results for the day/week and explicitly block the hours to go do it. Its working wonders – less stress, more done and I get weekends back.

The peasant is now getting weekends back. Yay!

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